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"Military Life Can Be Hard, Transitioning Can Be Harder! I'm Here To Help!"

10 Yrs Military Service / 200+ Combat Sorties / 2 Coins Awarded By Generals / Master's Degree in Coaching Psychology

How This Works

Your next step is to schedule an appointment with me for a Free Coaching Strategy Session.  It’s just a very easy going, friendly call, where I hear about what’s going on and give you some sound professional advice.  There is no obligation, just friendly conversation.

Call 877-863-1493 to talk or schedule by clicking here.

I’m going to help you define exactly what you ultimately want to achieve in life and then together we’ll map out a plan to get there.  Just like the military, we are going to create a checklist for your life that will give you and your family ultimate happiness.

We also Help Spouses to cope with deployments, lose weight, get healthy, be happier, raise great kids & achieve their goals too.

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Why This Works

I Am Just Like You.

I know what it’s like to have the pressures of the military on your life and the transition to civilian life.  I also have professional education (a master’s degree) dealing with the psychology behind it all.  My job is to help military members like you everyday.

I get job satisfaction and pride out of helping people like you.  Think about the pride you’ve felt from a job well done, I get that from this.

I take a mixture of my experiences coaching, my military and life experiences & what psych experts call scholarly evidence and I apply the principles to your life.  After some behind the scenes research, I help you come up with a good plan that will achieve your ultimate happiness.  Any work you do with me is also 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Customer Testimonials


“I am very appreciative of the opportunity to participate in something as inspiring as this is.  It is an HONOR to know you Joey.”

Richard Kline, N Chas S.C.



“I recommend Joseph Poltor to anyone.  If he tells you he can help you please believe him…”

L. Eggleston, Summerville S.C.


Email Your Testimonial To Coach@MilitaryLifeCoach.com and receive A Free 30 Minute Session!

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